Big Data architecture can add layers of complexity to an IT environment.  Not sure if you’re dealing with Big Data?  Use Gartner’s 3Vs as a litmus test: Volume, Velocity, and Variety.

The 3Vs become a reasonable test on whether you should add Big Data to your architecture.

  1. Volume. The amount of data.  How much data are you processing? Some smartwatch manufacturers store every user interaction. For these companies, this might be hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of data.
  2. Velocity. The speed of data. How fast is your data moving in and out of the system? Some data is created and captured in realtime at the point of the transaction.
  3. Variety. The assortment of data. Do you have different types of data? Data can consist of text, images, audio, video and the supporting metadata.

Having only 2 of the 3 Vs may mean that you can avoid adding Big Data to your architecture and skip the added complexity.

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